Children’s Ministry

If you have children or youth in your family, you will definitely want to join us during the Sabbath School hour, 9:30-10:45 am, as we have three engaging classes for the children and youth.

The Beginners class, for ages 0-4, is a fun place for preschoolers to get some of their wiggles out through planned activities and songs while at the same time learning lessons that are geared specifically for their age group, such as sharing with others, obeying parents, learning to pray, and more. The children also enjoy visualized Bible stories from the My Bible Stories series as well as learning short memory verses together. Throughout the whole program they are taught that their best friend is Jesus.

The Primary class, for ages 5-9, dedicates time each Sabbath to filling our minds with the Word of God. We work on memorizing four to five Scriptures in song each month and then perform them the first Sabbath of the following month in church and for the residents of a nearby retirement home. The boys and girls have found this project to be a real challenge, but thoroughly enjoy practicing together and then sharing their childlike faith with the elderly. They are learning at their young age that it is more blessed to give than to receive. In the Primary class, there is also an interactive Bible lesson taught each Sabbath from the My Bible First series, which includes reading practice straight from the Bible, another memory verse, and real-life application to the lives of these early elementary aged children.

The Junior-Youth class, ages 10 and up, has a wide range of ages, but the young people have found that studying the Bible together is rewarding to them both spiritually and socially. As a church, we are thrilled to have such an outgoing and dedicated group of young people. They welcome every visitor with eagerness. And if you visit this class, you will find yourself not being able to pull yourself away from these friendly and outstanding teens. In the youth class, we are studying and grappling with the issues that face the Christian youth of today, such as “What is faith?” “What defines Christianity?” “Why does purity matter?” and more.

Because we were once kids, we know that sometimes when all the older folks are yakking, children can become bored and sometimes even wander off, we also organize activities and crafts for the children to participate in during the lunch hour after the church service. Sometimes these crafts are correlated with one of the Sabbath School lessons, sometimes they are gifts to take to the residents at a nearby retirement home, always they are fun and supervised so that children can enjoy time together in a safe environment.


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Our church is an evangelistic church by nature. We not only believe in, but actively participate in public evangelism and personal ministry. We believe that child evangelism is no less important than adult evangelism. Every child that comes to our church is prayed for and the children’s ministry leaders and teachers do everything we can, to show them the irresistible love of Jesus. As part of our many public evangelism efforts, we usually include a children’s class as well, where the children also have the opportunity to learn about the irrefutable pillars of our faith through stories, songs and crafts.